Work With Refugees - State Incentive Plan to Encourage the Hiring of Refugees by Spanish Companies


This report is committed to creating a State Incentive Plan to shape the private sector’s behaviour, encouraging the hiring of refugees in order to help with their integration. The methodology followed during this paper is based on an in-depth analysis of the current refugee crisis and Spain’s response to it; followed by the identification of the main entry barriers for refugees into the labour market, the proposal of feasible initiatives aiming to solve them, and the exposition of the different alternative funds to finance the Plan.

After this analysis, it is clear that there is significant room for improvement regarding the socio-labour integration process, in which both the Public Administration and companies play a key role, and have the necessary tools to take action and boost change. Among all areas of weaknesses detected, major measures to be prioritized involve the optimization of the process of international protection recognition, the acceleration of homologation of the qualifications system, the establishment of bonuses regarding Social Security contributions, among others.

All in all, the State Incentive Plan proposed is a step forward towards the improvement of the socio-labour integration of refugees and it initiates a path of change for the whole society to pursue.

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Georgina Latorre Lloses
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International Business Economics
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Laura Marca Tello
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Marina Martinez i Derch
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Maria Noguer Ribas
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Walter Garcia-Fontes
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Albert Sagués