Music: Game Changer in Advertising? Analysis of the Role of Music In Branding Activities


This paper serves as proof that music -and the type of music- that accompanies video forms of advertisement has an effect on people’s perception of a product and brand. 

Firstly, a theoretical framework is derived from both classical and progressivist existing studies on the topic of music and advertising. This framework includes the aim and main principles of music branding, the music factors affecting attitude towards a brand, the effects of music in brand perception and music processing methods. 

Secondly, the results of an original experiment comprising more than 600 participants are analysed to contrast four hypothesis. The experiment consisted on a random assignment in which people watched the exact same video and answered the exact same questions but were assigned randomly one of three sound options for the video.

Finally, the conclusions from both studies are gathered and contrasted with real implications for brands.

Autor 1: 
Javier Feliz Huerta
Grau Autoria 1: 
International Business Economics
Autor 2: 
Marc Parellada Esclasans
Grau Autoria 2: 
International Business Economics
Autor 3: 
Joel Fàbregues Barceló
Grau Autoria 3: 
International Business Economics
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Walter Alfredo García Fontes
Tutoria Externa 1: 
Carla Romagosa Manrique