The role of emotional intelligence on leaders


There is a current trend in the business world in which businesses are trying to improve
their employees’ performance with motivation to make them happy instead of putting pressure
on them. One of the theories in this trend is to have emotionally intelligent leaders. One of the
most used theorists is Daniel Goleman, who after analyzing more than 3800 businesses, he came
up with the different aspects that leaders have regarding emotional intelligence. This paper is
based on his theory and it includes some tips on how to develop the different aspects of
emotional intelligence, which can be achieved through constant work.

This is important because it has been proved that teams with emotionally intelligent
leaders who know how to manage and take care of their employees or team members, have
better performance results than those teams that are not well lead. The paper ends with a
particular example of one leader who has known how to use his emotional intelligence in order
to grow his business and have happy employees. His name is Richard Branson, CEO and chairman
of Virgin Group.

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Mireia Falgueras Onate
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International Business Economics
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Walter Alfredo Garcia Fontes Badanian
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Francisco J. González Pérez