CoopAir: A New Blockchain Business Model


The aviation
industry has drastically changed and will have to face challenging
circumstances in the near future too. For this reason, this project presents a
disruptive business model for aviation sector.


New technologies
and a new conception of competition will trigger improvements that can help air
travel sector to be less competitive and more balanced. Likewise, travelers
will experience a new way of travelling, as all procedures will be efficiently


This model, based
on blockchain, pretends to change the yesteryear mentality of aviation,
introducing a new business culture that will lead to a sustainable and even
growth for all participants. Hence, all of them will become collaborators of an
extensive network. Valuable Information will be shared in order to perform more
efficient and profitable operations while reducing operating and managing


key words: Blockchain technology;
Aviation Industry; Business Aviation; Smart Contracts; Tokenization; Sovereign
Identity; Business model;

Autor 1: 
Clara Vilargunter Pérez
Grau Autoria 1: 
International Business Economics
Tutoria del curs: 
Walter Garcia
Tutoria Externa 1: 
Luz Parrondo