<p><img alt="wireshark.jpeg" data-align="left" data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="f879ba40-b11a-4189-8626-6cdb0753f2ae" src="http://localhost/sites/default/files/root/public/images/Ubuntu/wireshark.jpeg" />I like to work hearing music, especially classic music. I also like Radio Clásica, the classical music radio of the Spanish public radio. In rhythmbox it is easy to enter a new radio, just entering the URL of the radio stream in the "Properties" field of the radio.</p> <p>The problem is 1) that some radios like Radio Clasica change this URL often, 2) increasingly the web pages of the radios where the stream is included use javascript and the stream url cannot be seen directly in the html source of the page.</p> <p>For this "wireshark" comes handy. This is an application that analyzes and lists all network connections of a system. So install wireshare if you don't have it:</p> <pre> sudo apt-get install wireshark</pre> <p>You have to start wireshark as superuser otherwise it cannot access all the network information:</p> <pre> sudo wireshark</pre> <p>You have to choose "any" stream, and once the streams are show, in "display filter" write "http.request". Somewhere in the list of connections shown the radio stream URL will be shown, and hopefully it will be easy to recognize.</p>
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