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This last year I started to collaborate more with the local Catalan Ubuntu team. These are teams formed in different parts of the world that collaborate with the Ubuntu project. The Catalan LOCO team is special because it is not associated to a particular state but to the Catalan language and its variants which spread across different states.

This year I participated in the release parties of Ubuntu 10.04 in València and 10.10 in Granollers. In València I lead a session on GPG signatures. I also had an active participation in the team support forum, where I accumulated about 400 posts, and I submitted 10 bugs to Launchpad, three of which triggered patches and fixes for Ubuntu Lucid and Maverick. 

I also prepared the Catalan customized version of Ubuntu releases, this year I prepared the Ubuntu and Xubuntu versions of Ubuntu Lucid and Maverick.

With respect to free software I kept my two projects manyex and ODStatistics. ODStatistics was used by about 700 students during the first quarter of the 2010-2011 Data Analysis course in Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The students in the International Business Economics Degree, which is fully taught in English, used Fedora Core 14 in the computer room practices since Linux is the only option to have an operating system fully in English in the university computing system.

Another large project in which I'm involved is FaPaCgès, a package to manage Parental Associations for Catalan primary and high schools. It is a derivative of Bulmages, a free software package for the management of small and medium firms. The package is fully translated to Catalan and is already in Beta version.

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